Re: Pronunciation of Jetta? #general

Lisa Thompson <lisajt@...>

Thank you very much for everyone's help! My g-g-g-g'father was Bohemian and
his wife was German, so it appears that they would have used the Yetta

I kept thinking that name was familiar and it just clicked - my
g-g-g-g'mother's mother's name was Jette. She also had a sister named
Jette. As far as I know, neither Jette came to America, but perhaps they
referred to their child Jetta as Ida just to avoid confusion, anyway.

Lisa Thompson
Columbia, MO

Depends where. In most of Europe the J is pronounced like the Y in
English, so it would be Yetta. Yetta could, of course, chose to be called
any name she wished. Jetta was European, Ida much more "American."

Michael Bernet,
New York>>

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