Re: Pronunciation of Jetta? #general

Robert Israel <israel@...>

Lisa Thompson wrote:

My g-g-g'father's sister was named Jetta according to her birth
certificate, but she is enumerated in the 1880 census as Ida. I was
wondering if possibly the census taker misunderstood Jetta as "Ida" or if
Ida was a "nickname" of sorts. I have no idea how Jetta is pronounced.
The J would be pronounced as a Y.

I suspect census takers often tended to "Americanize" names, and with
even less care than would go into other types of record (after all, the
data is going to be secret, and nobody's actually going to _use_ it,
so what do I care if the census has my name wrong?). I recently found
a relative listed in the 1906 special Canadian census as "Henry", though
everywhere else AFAIK he is "Hirsch".

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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