Re: Pronunciation of Jetta? #general

Alexander Sharon

<> wrote

<< My g-g-g'father's sister was named Jetta according to her birth
certificate, but she is enumerated in the 1880 census as Ida. I was
wondering if possibly the census taker misunderstood Jetta as "Ida" or
if Ida was a "nickname" of sorts. I have no idea how Jetta is
pronounced. >>

Depends where. In most of Europe the J is pronounced like the Y in
English, so it would be Yetta. Yetta could, of course, chose to be
called any name she wished. Jetta was European, Ida much more "American."

Michael Bernet,
New York
Ida is an abbreviation of Idalia. A very common Jewish name in past Eastern
Europe. My Mom in law z'l was Idalia (Ida) a feminine version of Judah
(Yudl, Yiddele)

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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