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Robert Fraser <rwfgjf@...>

There was a similar situation in Wales, and maybe also elsehere in the
United Kingdom.
Nearly all the chapels (now sadly mostly demolished or redeveloped) had
"Jewish" or "Israeli" sounding names. Names like Elim, Sinai, Ebenezer,
Penuel, Salem, Zoar, Horeb, Bethlehem and Shiloh were common.

No wonder Jewish migrants felt at home in Wales.

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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This reminds me that when a kid I was taken past the old Victorian textile
warehouses in the centre of Manchester, and looking up at the old merchants'
names, asked my mother if they were all Jewish - they had 'Christian Names'
like Isaac, Jeremiah, Hezekiah etc! So my mum had to explain how Victorian
Nonconformists loved their Bible.

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