Re: Pronunciation of Jetta? #general

Haakon Chevalier <haakon.chevalierAntiSpam.1994@...>

Hi, Lisa.

I don't really have anything to add, except that you might find it
interesting to hear some similar names >from a similar background.

I have a couple of people named Jetty in my family, which I suspect is a
variation of the same name. One was Bohemian, and also called Jenny here;
the other was a second generation Bavarian-American born in Colorado, who
perhaps was also known as Henrietta, although this is not yet certain.

Haakon Chevalier

Lisa Thompson wrote:

Thank you very much for everyone's help! My g-g-g-g'father was Bohemian
and his wife was German, so it appears that they would have used the Yetta

I kept thinking that name was familiar and it just clicked - my
g-g-g-g'mother's mother's name was Jette. She also had a sister named
Jette. As far as I know, neither Jette came to America, but perhaps they
referred to their child Jetta as Ida just to avoid confusion, anyway.
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