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In books of Hilchot Gitin (Jewish divorce law), the name Ida was either
not mentioned at all as being used for Jewish women, or it was specified
to be the German secular name IDA and was given special treatment -- it
was to be written in the Get in Hebrew characters (>from right to
left: alef-yod-daled-alef) and was considered to be a secular kinui for
whatever Hebrew name the woman had.
And to take that spelling one step further, my grandmother's secular
marriage certificate (City and State of New York 1902) spells her name
"Aida", a direct transliteration of the Hebrew spelling, but not the same as
the way the family spelled her name in later years (Ida).

Just an idle side thought: Is the Italien name Aida (of opera fame) related
to the German/Jewish name with the same spelling?

Bob Weiss
Northridge, CA

Researching: KWATKOWSKY or PLOTKOWSKY >from Suwalki area--possibly Augustow,

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