LEDERER, POPPER, KOHN etc from Bohemia on "Free" ships' passenger lists. #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Do make good use of the free passenger lists on the well-known genealogy site
[free till end of November].

I entered LEDERER and Bohemia as place of origin in
"Refine your search" of the New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
and left all other field blank and these popped up:

There were KOHN [162] LEDERER [104] POPPER [46] SCHULHOF [20] >from Bohemia.

I have found rarer early Bohemian immigrants BRANDEIS [10]; BERNARD [9];
GRUNHUT [2]; KARPELES [1]; WACHTL [1 together with Emmanuel KURZ on the same
boat - 24 Nov 188l. There are three LEMBERGER indexed >from Bohemia - Ottilie
born 1867 in Budin and arriving alone aged 21 as well as Josef [dob 1849] and
Catharina [dob 1847] but no place of origin.

But then I entered Bohemian instead of Bohemia and different names popped up!
So one has to experiment.

If you enter "Moravia" and no family name you get 80 entries in all - only one
can be identified as Jewish and he is Adolf KOHNSTEIN designated as a "white"
waiter in 1949!

But now enter "Moravian' into the same field and leave the name blank - you get
9,054. I followed some up - Leo BEINSTEIN and his wife - he was listed from
Vienna so the Moravian entry is a bit of a mystery. I believe it was used
mainly for on Jewish Czechs. It turns up for a US couple called BUTLER as well.

If you enter "Moravia" into the "keywords" field, you find far more, because
unfortunately there was a ship called SS Moravia.

You can also enter Brunn, Prague, Pilsen, Teplitz, Pressburg and see what turns
up. It is a hit and miss affair with these early records but we might as well
see if we can find anything valuable. I already have!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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