Re: Creator of first Guild in Russia? #general

Alexander Sharon

"Jean Rosenbaum" wrote in message

I have been told by a fellow researcher that his great-great grandfather,
Boris PISTERMAN, was the creator of the first guild in Russia and that he
was also a textile plant owner. I do not have a birth or death date for
Boris Pisterman, but his son Aaron was born in 1885.

I would appreciate comments on how likely this is to be true. Also, are
there any list of guilds and members which might aid in my research?

Jean Rosenbaum
Baytown, TX

Considering the fact that Jews were not allowed to reside in Russia >from
the time of Ivan III, The "Terrible" rule (1462-1505) till 1905, stement is
rather incorrect.

Perhaps reference has been made to the esblishment of the first _Jewish_
Guild in the Russian Pale territory where Jews have been confined to reside.

Alexander Sharon

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