Jews in the Polish Army #general

Martin Kronman <mkronman@...>

In response to questions about why Jews might have "attached" themselves to
the Polish Army in WW II A.D. Danilecki wrote

... maybe because they were Poles of Jewish ancestry/Poles of Jewish

In retrospect it is hard to understand why a Polish Jew would have enlisted
in the Polish army before WW II. The history of Jewish persecution in Poland
should have informed them as to the folly of such an act, but every
generation seems to have to learn this for themselves. After WW I my father
enlisted in the Polish Army. At that time he used to say "I was a regular
Polish Patriot". He even had a tailor made uniform made for himself. He soon
learned however that nothing had changed just because the Polish government
had been reformed at that time. His treatment in the Polish Army convinced
him that as far as Jews were concerned a government by Poles was not much of
an improvement over a government by Russians. He deserted the Polish army
and after a year of adventures he managed to get to the United States.
Unfortunatly, for Jews in the Polish army in WW II desertion and fleeing
Europe was not a viable option.

Martin J. Kronman
Syracuse, NY
Researching: KRONMAN in Kolo, Konin,
Tuliskow, Warta, Slupca, Kalisz, Zdunska Wola
and Lodz, Poland ;Ukraine; Hungary; United States

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