Re: Origin of Ida, a woman's personal name. #general

Sally Bruckheimer

"> When we discuss Jewish names, we should limit
ourselves to names that have a predominantly
Jewish origin, >from the Hebrew Bible, >from the
Hebrew language, >from the Talmud (but even here
there are many non-Jewish nonce names), or direct
translations there>from (e.g. Belinfante and Bonfils
from BenTov and ElemTov, Wolff or Hirsch >from Binyamin
or Naftali, Bondi or Guttentag >from YomTov), or
specifically Jewish Yiddish names.
Why should we?"

Obviously, I agree with Alexander. This is a
genealogy forum after all, not Jewish theology or
onomastics. If my Jewish ancestor was named
Clementine or Christopher, this is the place to talk
about it. We must not restrict ourselves to what
someone thinks is proper Jucaica-we discuss what was.

Belinfante was not a name derived >from some Hebrew
name, but a forced convert's Catholic reference to
Jesus-so it is Jewish genealogy, not a Hebrew-derived

Sally Bruckheimer
Harrison, NY

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