Discrepancy between SSDI and Form SS-5 #general

Mike Posnick

The Social Security Death Index lists a relative's date of birth as 15
August 1889. The relative's Form SS-5, Application for [Social Security]
Account Number, lists a different date of birth (10 September 1896). (I
know the SSDI listing and the Form SS-5 are for the same person. Among
other things, they share the same Social Security Number.)

Are such discrepancies between the SSDI and Form SS-5 common? What is the
source of information for the birth date used in the Social Security Death
Index? Does it come >from the Form SS-5, >from other Social Security
Administration records previously existing at the decedent's date of
death, or >from information newly furnished to the Social Security
Administration at or after the date of death?

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota
e-mail: mpoz@...

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