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Excuse me:
I remember a lot of IDA between jewish people in Argentine, mostly
descendentes >from jews >from East Europe.

Ida, and eventually also Aida, where the prefered name for Judith (today
Judith is "good fashion" or of "bonne ton" because it sounds "english",
for argentinian people and argentinian jews...).

But this Judith was also: (Or Ida, or Aida) Iehudit ( in hebrew )
Iehudis ( in Iyydish) Hadassa ( in hebrew: if I'm not wrong the hebrew
equivalent of persian Esther ).... transformed in iyddish Hu-(like "oo"
in English)-dess==Hoodess.

I had a tante-mume-czocza-aunt-tia that went >from Lodz to Buenos Aires,
from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. and then organized the inmigration of
her relatives in Lodz to South America, before WWII.

Her name was Iehudis,,, but all the familly called her: Hoodess...

This is also a bit >from the story about our "grine kouzines"... .

My excuses for my pour English. Yours!

Israel Zamir

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<< I have never come across the name Idalia and had you
> asked me to guess, I would have said it was a countytown in Idaho.
Your late mother-in-law may well be the only bearer of that name. Idalia is
> not mentioned in Beider's dictionary of Ashkenazi given names--but Ida
> is, and it's listed by Beider under Yudes (Judith).


Argument that you have never come across the name Idalia or that name
is not in Alexander Beider's dictionary, does not prvide the proof that
name was no adopted by Jewish people.

No, it does not provide proof that it was used here or there, but though
it may have been used by your gransmother or even mine, doesn't make it
into a "Jewish" name any more than Clementine or Clothilde (nor even Myron
and Sheldon, Ignatz or Isidore) are Jewish names just because some or even
many Jews used them...

Ida is a common name in many countries. Among Jews it is derived
predominantly >from forms of Yehudit/Judith; that is its Jewish source.
As a Jewish name it is not an abbreviation of Idaho, Ideal, Idalinka,
Idalina or Ideology. Yehudit/Judith is the only source for the name Ida as
a Jewish name.

Michael Bernet,
New York

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