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Subject: What's a "Jewish" name and what isn't and why "Jewish" genealogy
When we discuss Jewish names, we should limit ourselves to names
that have a predominantly Jewish origin, >from the Hebrew Bible, >from the
Hebrew language, >from the Talmud (but even here there are many non-
Jewish nonce names), or direct translations there>from (e.g. Belinfante
and Bonfils >from BenTov and ElemTov, Wolff or Hirsch >from Binyamin or
Naftali, Bondi or Guttentag >from YomTov), or specifically Jewish
Yiddish names.

What about Esther (Babylonian name of Hadassah derived >from the Babylonian
goddess Ishtar)or Mordochai (similarly derived >from the Babylonian god
Mordok)or the returnees >from Babylon who named their sons "Cyrus" in
gratitude to the Persian emperor who defeated the Babylonians and
permitted their return to Judea or the Jews who named their children Roman
names like Caius during the Roman era,and we could go on.

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