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Matt Gross wrote: <I am trying to expand my family tree. These are my Gt-Gt
Grandparents below. My Maternal Matriarch (mother's mother mother, etc) is Rosa
SCHWARZ; I'd assume she was born approximately 1870 in Vienna. She was
married to Herman WINTERNITZ, also of Vienna, birthdate unknown.

Maternal-Paternal side... also looking for information on Jakob BARAKER of
Vienna who was married to Charlotte FURCHTGOTT of Vienna.>

Welcome to Matt, a new member of our SIG. WINTERNITZ and SCHWARZ are too hard
to investigate without more data. I suspect some, or all, of these families are
from Hungary and/or Slovakia. There are three hits for FURCHTGOTT on the JGFF,
all >from Nitra, Slovakia. There are also FURCHTGOTT in Krakow/Poland but I
doubt these are the same family as Matt's. Please Matt, enter your family names
into the JGFF as a starter and contact the researchers [one has sadly died].
NB Nitra and Slovakia discussions come under the Hungarian SIG.

Charlotte nee FURCHTGOTT was born abt 1865-1870 so some of these are of her
generation. Here are the FURCHTGOTT whose assets were listed in April 1938:
Netti 26 Sept 1867; Alexander 14 Oct 1877; Rosalie 13 Jan 1871; Elsa 17 Sept
1896; Franziska 18 Aug 1893; Emanuel 14 Nov 1889.

I can see Emanuel listed in the Vienna phonebook of 1933 and he lived in the
Seegasse and dealt in metals. There is another Vienna FURCHTEGOTT Franz who
works for a milling trade organisation and he definitely was >from Budapest.

Sadly, there are eight FURCHTGOTT holocaust victims >from Austria we remember
here today: One family: Alexander dob 14.10.1877 in Neulengbach NO
and Rosalie dob 13.01.1871 in Weiten, NO

She could be their daughter: Franziska dob 18.08.1893 in Neulengbach, NO

Albine dob 17.05.1887 in Straschnitz

one family: Sara dob 06.11.1902 in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia; Frieda dob
23.07.1928 in Vienna; Fritz dob 08.12.1929 in Vienna

Siegmund dob 01.08.1890 in Zbehy, Slovakia was on the Nisko transport in 1939.
see [in German - use umlaut]

There are about 45 listings for FURCHTGOTT on yad vashem but sadly none of the
Austrian victims have a POT, which would have helped us. There are POTs for
some of the Slovakian victims, who may also be relatives.

There is only one Vienna FURCHTGOTT grave: Zentralfriedhof Gate IV 16B 10 36
Moriz age 73 died 29.12.1932 and Netti age 73 died 21.07.1941
We can see that Netti in the grave corresponds to Netti with the asset file.

Moritz could be the brother of Charlotte. My hunch is that these early
FURCHTGOTT were not born in Vienna.

As a big bonus we can now search the US immigrant lists on a well-known
genealogy site and surprisingly there are 30 FURCHGOTT; These are >from Vienna
and Hungary: Julie [40] with Franziska [11] and Alfred [5] going to Peoria, Ill
on SS Amerika >from Cuxhaven [arrival 29 Feb 1908]. Amalia FURCHTGOTT also goes
to Illinois in that era.

You will also see Ernst aged 16 [dob 2 Nov 1922 SSDI, died S. Carolina] - a
refugee in 1938 >from Zlate Moravce, Slovakia with his friend's name: Max
Furchtgott. Yuu can also find Max's naturalisation, his address in NY and the
names and ages of his wife and children. Then Stefan [dob 1898] arrives in 1949
with Max as a contact. Stefan is also >from Zlate Moravce with an address in

The challenge now is to fit all the pieces of this jigsaw together and relate
some to Charlotte {FURCHTGOTT} BARAKER who is Matt's gt gt grandmother.
I have some interesting data on the BARAKER family {Charlotte FURCHTGOTT's
husband] which will follow.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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