Re: Pisha Paysha Hand Game Remembered #galicia

Debbie Raff

I thought that Pisha Paysha was a card game, which I played as a child. At
this point, I can't remember how it is played, but I thought it involved
cards and possibly pennies.

Are you referring to "String Figures" similar to the ones on this website,

Debbie Raff

How does this relate to genealogy? I suspect this game
was known by different names which may identify the
geographic region in which it was played. "Pisha paysha"
was probably played in eastern Galicia, since my
grandmother came >from Drohobycz. If she learned it in her
childhood, then the game was played in the 1890s.
Do any other Genners recall this game? By what name did
you know it? >from what geographic region did those who
played it come?

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