Re: Pisha Paysha Hand Game Remembered #galicia


Carole Glick recalled a string game perhaps >from eastern Galicia, called
"Pisha Paysha".

In my Litvak (Suwalk Gubeniya) family, the name "Pisha Paysha" referred to
a card game in which the object was to give away all your cards by forming
ascending or descending sequences. I was always told that the name of the
game was not Yiddish at all, but was a corruption of "Peace and Patience",
certainly a requirement for this nearly interminable game.

If the name really does derive >from English, and is used in two families
from widely divergent geographic origins to refer to two very different
games, its significance for genealogical purposes is likely to be minimal
to nonexistent.

Too bad!

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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