Re: Pisha Paysha Hand Game Remembered #galicia

steve e <stevee21nospam@...>

That is strange - I remember Pisha Paysha as a card game that my
grandmother used to play with me - don't ask me how it was played - that
time is longer ago than I really want to admit. The game you are
referring to was called Cat's Cradle when I was growing up in New York -
and I never played because I never felt comfortable with it.


the game my grandmother taught us called (phonetically), "pisha
paysha", in which a string is tied, creating a circle. The
circle is tautly placed outside both upright hands which
face each other. <snip>
How does this relate to genealogy? I suspect this game
was known by different names which may identify the
geographic region in which it was played. "Pisha paysha"
was probably played in eastern Galicia, since my
grandmother came >from Drohobycz. If she learned it in her
childhood, then the game was played in the 1890s.

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