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Robert Israel <israel@...>

Leslie Weinberg wrote:

Can anyone tell me what country the name IRAM might have originated?
Great-grandmother seems to have been named "Schewa Iram" - doesn't sound
very Polish to me, or Jewish, for that matter. Leslie
Nor to me. It's certainly an uncommon name.
But the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland database has a birth record for
Moses Chaim, the son of Schmul IRAM, born in Kolomyya
in 1878, and a marriage for Aron IRAM ? (I suppose the question mark
indicates that the transcriber was uncertain of the spelling) >from Mlawa
in 1881. And the Bukowsk Yiskor book at
< >
mentions a Menashe IRAM >from Sanok.

Robert Israel

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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