Re: PISHA PAISHA and other Spellings #general

Robert & Ena Jacobs <enabob@...>

Hello Genners:
With regard to the card game Pisha/Pishi Paisha/Paysha and other spellings.
It may be of interest to know that this game is mentioned in the book:
'A Double Thread' - 'Growing Up English & Jewish in London' -
by John Gross - ISBN 1-56663-424-5 Ivan R Dee Publisher - Chicago
Published in Britain by Chatto & Windus. (Page 8 - Chapter 1)

This was a popular card game played by many immigrants to the East End
of London - very popular during World War 2 -now a vanished culture.
I highly recommend this book, a fascinating memoir of growing up by a
child of a family >from Eastern Europe - his father was a Jewish doctor.

Born in London - now in California

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