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Joyce Weaver <joyweave@...>

Hi folks--
At's listing of NY City naturalization's, I found a man
with the same-- unfortunately fairly common-- name as my grandfather,
Sam Feinberg. The listing is for an address I do not recognize, but my
gparents seem to have moved at least once a year, so it could still be
his. It's in the Lower East Side area where he spent almost his entire
NY life.

According to this listing, naturalization was denied on 17 Dec. 1914.
As of the 1910 census, my gf was still an Alien. He died in 1912. My
question is: If he submitted his Declaration of Intent after the 1910
census, could this be a denial based on either his death or his failure
to appear for some further step in the process?

And if this is not my gf, is there any way of checking on Declarations
which were never followed up-- in case he did submit one between 1910
and 1912?

Joy Weaver

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