Reunion of Descendants of Szolim Lejzor SOKOLIK #general

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We are looking for any descendants of Szolim Lejzor SOKOLIK, who was born
about 1810 in Lomza, Poland. He was married to Brajna (aka Chaja)
Dawidowna, who died before 1849. Szolim died on October 9, 1855 in Gac,
Poland. He was survived by at least two children: Dawid Sokolik and Abram
Sokolik. He may also have had a daughter named Raska Sokolik and/or a son
named Izrael.

Dawid married Estera Malka Idzkowna Radowska on February 20, 1849 and they
had three children: Wolf Zyskind Sokolik, Moszk Chaim Sokolik and Szolim.
Moszk, in turn, married Sora Gitla Bursztyn and they had ten (count-em,
ten) children, >from whom many of the Sokoliks are descended. The children
are Doba Fejda Sokolik, Cyrla Leia Sokolik, Chaja Sokolik, Dawid Sokolik,
Mariam Mindel Sokloik, Benjamin Sokolik, Rywka Sokolik, Neszka Sokolik,
Bejla Sokolik and Rochla Sokolik.

Abram Sokolik, Szolim’s other son, had six children, Brajna Bejla Sokolik,
Jszk Moszk Sokolik, Rejzia Sokolik, Chana Gitla Sokolik, Maryem Sokolik,
and Mejer Sokolik, with his first wife, Zelda Majerowna Kapla. And, not to
be outdone by his brother, he had nine (9) more children with his second
wife, Sara Basa Moszkowna/Zuckor (a total of 15 children). These children
are Chaim Mortek Sokolic, Sender Zyskind Sokolik, Baila Sokolik, David
Sokolik, Peshe Sokolic, Esther Malcha Sokolik, Harry Sokolik, Juszk
Sokolik and Joseph Sokolik.

Chana Gitla Sokolik married Aron Notek Isman and they had Meyer, Louis,
Sam, Harry, Zelda (who was married to David Sokolik, her half uncle),
Edward, Rachel and Raszka. When they immigrated to the States, Aron
changed his name to Nathan Eastman (or Esstman).

Of Abram's second family:

Chaim Mortek (Hyman) Sokolic, a baker, stayed in England (where the
ASokolic@ spelling may have been adopted) before immigrating to the US.
He had 4 children: Moshe David, Joseph Maxwell (whose name was spelled
ASocolick@), Esther Sokolic Tucker, and Anna Celia Sokolic Newman.

Sender Zyskind (Sander or Sam) Sokolik had 8 children: Pesza and Bendet
(both of whom died as children), Morris, Julius, Abraham, Fanny, Bertha,
and Sophie.

Baila Sokolik Zimmerman had 10 children: David Louis, Joseph, Rose, Anna,
Rachel, Ceila, Albert, Esther, Irv, and Izrael (Izzy).

Peshe Sokolik Kornicks had 14 children: Louis, Fanny, Gus, Rae, Joe (Dick),
Frieda, Morris, Max, Abe (Zeke), Rose, Charles (Chuck), Rebecca (Betty),
Israel (Irvin), Hyman.

David Sokolik had 3 children: Ruth, Anne, and Herman.

Harry Sokolik had 4 children: Morris (Butch), David, Joseph, and Regina.

Joseph Sokolik had 4 children: Albert, Irvin, Rose, and Martin.

Esther Malch Sokolik Simon had 4 children by her first husband: Estelle,
Florence, Beatrice, and Frieda, and one by her second husband: Jack Light.

Juszk Sokolik died in infancy.

We are holding a reunion of descendants in 2005. If you are a descendant of
Szolim, please contact me so that you may be added to our mailing list of
descendants (and I can add you to our growing family tree).

Leonard J. Schwartz
Austin, Texas

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