Help! Lost immigrant! #general


My grandfather, Pesach/Philip POZHEZHINSKI was born in Brest-Litovsk in
1897 to his parents Aaron (Leib)/Arky and Sara Hinde/ Annie RABINOWITZ.
In 1893 Aaron traveled on his own to join his Uncle Oscar/Usher ROZENBERG
in the US. He is recorded as leaving Hamburg and arriving in Ellis Island.
He returned to Brest-Litovsk and married Sara Hinde having two children-
my grandfather and his sister Chana Zelda/Anna. They then returned to
America, sometime between 1899-1902.
My great-aunt Gussie was born in 1902-03 in NY. On arrival (or soon after)
the name was changed to ROZINSKI/ROZINSKY/ROSINSKI.
I cannot find the arrival of these individuals in EIDB. I've checked all
the combinations I can think of for family names. I've even tried general
searches, "Starting with P" and "Starting with R" etc.
What could I possibly do next?????
Bernard Rosinsky

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