Re: LEDERER, POPPER, KOHN etc from Bohemia on "Free" ships' passenger lists. #austria-czech

Dan Breslau <sinespam@...>

Celia Male wrote, regarding searching at a well-known commercial site:
[...] If you enter "Moravia" and no family name you get 80 entries in all - only one
can be identified as Jewish and he is Adolf KOHNSTEIN designated as a "white"
waiter in 1949!

But now enter "Moravian' into the same field and leave the name blank - you get
9,054. [...]
It's also worth noting that this site allows some wildcard searches.
Wildcard searches allow you to search for combinations of known and
unknown characters. On this site, an asterisk ( * ) is used as a
wildcard standing in for up to 6 other characters. So, for example,
Moravia* would match both "Moravia" and "Moravian" (as well as anything
else that happens to start with "Moravia", and goes on for no more than
6 more characters.)

-- Dan Breslau
Boston area, MA

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