coats of arms of cities (gorods) in the Pale of settlement #belarus

Michael Steinore

On a recent trip to Stanford University I came across
a book of coats of arms for several cities (gorods) in several gubernias of
the Pale of Settlement. Examples are

coats of arms for David Gorodok and Slutsk in
Minsk Gubernia at

respectively. The actual coats of arms were in color
and the particular hashing style on the background of some of these
indicates the color by means of a hash style -> color legend in the
book, because of course the book was published in
black ink in about 1843. Other towns in the Belarus area were Minsk,
Bobruisk, Nesvizh, Dokshitz, Vileika, Pinsk, Disna, for
example, but there were no small towns or shtetls.

Michael Steinore
San Mateo, CA

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