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Ruth Kluger* [born in Vienna abt 1931] has written an autobiography: "To
Continue to Live". You may be interested to read this recent interview with her
talking of her "trip" >from Vienna to Theresienstadt to Auschwitz and finally to

I have no personal interest in the book {statement according to Jewishgen

I *suspect* [but have no documentary proof] that Ruth's father was Dr Victor
Kluger of Lindengasse 38, Vienna VII. Here is a POT for Victor, written
apparently by his brother in Israel in 1957 [nb the family name differs]. This
says he died in Auschwitz [incorrect - see below]. Family data given is as

Father's First Name: Gerson: Mother's First Name: Katharina
Spouse's First Name: Alina
Spouse's Maiden Name: GREIDINGER
Permanent residence: Wien Profession: Physician
Submitter's Name: REINER Jehuda {brother}
Registration date 17/02/1957

However, the name and birth date coincide with Serge Klarsfeld's site and
lettertothestars: which tells a different
story supporting Ruth's account: Victor was born on 21 Jan 1899 in Vienna. His
last address has not been researched. Victor Kluger was deported >from Drancy on
15 May 1944 to Kowno {Reval]. As usual, we have the sentence at the end "there
is no further information about Victor's place and date of death."

This is probably the grave of Ruth's grandfather:

KLUGER Gerson aged 64 12.07.1916 Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 52/20/9
Could this be her grandmother? Another holocaust victim:

Katharina was born on 02 July 1866 in Zilina. Her last known address was Vienna
2, Rembrandtstrasse 6. Katharina was deported on 24 Sept 1942 >from Vienna to
Theresienstadt ..... No further data is available about her place or date of
death. I have not found a POT for Katharina, which is strange if Yehuda was her
son. We remember Victor and Katharina here today.

Celia Male [U.K.]

* Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley. Professor Emerita of German
(Kleist, nineteenth-century literature, Stifter, Holocaust literature)

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