Re: Jews in Minsk #belarus

Barbara Epstein <bepstein@...>

Marlene Bishow writes, "Generally speaking, Jews were not allowed to
live in Minsk proper." Where did you find this information, and what
period are you referring to? By the early twentieth century, Jews
made up more than 50% of the population of Minsk. This was true of
other major cities in Belarus as well. Was there some earlier period
during which Jews were not allowed to live in Minsk, or in other
Belarussian cities? I would appreciate knowing of any book
(especially in English) in which this is discussed.

Incidentally, in connection with the discussion about people saying
they were >from cities when actually they were >from nearby shtetls:
my father often said that he was >from Bialystok. But when pressed
for details, he would say that he was born in Yanove, a small shtetl
near Bialystok.

Barbara Epstein
Berkeley, California

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