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Thank you one and all for your reply. My gggrandfather
never became a citizen he left Minsk at the age of
60yrs,(all documents show this age) and die a few
years later before he could file his papers all his
children did file for citizenship and since these doc.
are so early all they said are Russia. ) he was the
last of the family to imm. Family oral history states
that the family were wine merchants therefore since
any and all documents I have state Minsk or Russia and
the burial society they belonged to was a society were
all the members were >from Minsk I am assuming that he
came >from that city. Until I can find out more inf.
Thank you again for your advise. NAME Oh by the way
on the ship manfest his name was recorded as Elje
Bermann on the Hambury list his name is listed
correctly Elje (Eli)Berman.
Hattie Berman Murphy

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(Davidow) Minsk

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