GINSBERG/GINSBURG from Lapy/Czyzewo/Bialystok region, Poland, #general

Lisa Ness <lness@...>

Dear fellow Genners,

I've attempted to contact several researchers
among us who are looking into GINSBERG/GINSBURG
family connections, but in all but one case I have not
received replies. For this reason, I'm resorting
to the list as a whole. Advice in continuing
my research using archives in the US and
Poland will be greatly appreciated.

In hopes of learning about the fate of my
maternal greatgrandmother and *her* parents in Poland
before WWII, I would like to contact the
descendants of Sara GINSBURG (or GINSBERG) and
her husband. My greatgrandmother Sylvia (Tsivya)
GINSBERG SZTURMAN died in Lapy, Poland,
sometime between 1917 and 1922.
Sylvia had at least one brother who
emigrated to the US and settled in Cleveland
with his wife, Sara.
I don't know this brother's first name,
but I do know that he and Sara had a daughter
who had left home and married by 1937,
which is when my mother was an 11-year-old
living in Brooklyn and Tanta Sara came for a visit.

In a search of the Ellis Island database,
I found a 32-year-old Sara GINSBURG who arrived in
the US on August 14, 1920 on the S.S. Acquitania
from Southampton, England. This Sara was
included on a list of US citizens
sailing on the Acquitania because her husband,
who preceded her, had been naturalized by that time.
Their address in Cleveland as of August 14, 1920
was on Midland Avenue. Sara's husband's name
is listed only as "J. Ginsburg."

I've checked the 1930 census and other records
accessible online for Sara or any male
"J Ginsburg" using Soundex. The Sara I found
on the SSDI is not likely my relative.
I did a search of online databases in Cuyahoga
County to locate a birth record for a child
born to Sara Ginsburg and her
husband in the years 1920-1925,
but didn't have any luck. I would love to
make contact with a grandchild or greatgrandchild
of this couple but have no idea how to locate them.

If anyone can offer guidance on any aspect of
this search, I will accept it gratefully.

Please reply to:

With thanks,
Lisa Ness
Newport Beach, CA

Researching SZTURMAN/STURMAN (Czyzewo & Lapy, Poland)
GINSBURG/GINSBERG (possibly Czyzewo and/or Lapy, Poland, and Cleveland, OH)
BENKENDORF (Czerkhava, Galicia/Ukraine)
DRYMAN (Podolia Gubernia, town unknown, Ukraine)

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