Re: "from Minsk and not a shtetl" ? belarus digest: August 04, 2002 #belarus

Mila Begun <mmbegun@...>

To echo Naomi Fatouros' comments, many emigres reported their origins in
various ways. The same way I might say I'm >from Florida, my grandfather
indicated on his application for citizenship that he was >from Siedlice.
I doubt that he ever lived in the town of Siedlice, but we do have
evidence of his living in the town of Radzyn in the Siedlice district.
Similarly, I would be more accurate in saying I am really >from Miami.

In my father's case, he reports that many people >from his rather unknown
small town of Talnoye, Ukraine, erroneously state that they're from
Uman, a much larger town nearby.

For whatever reasons our ancestors chose to designate their origins, we
must be careful in what we accept as absolutely true.
Mila Begun, in NYC (since emigrating >from Miami, FL)

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