KGB Files May Reveal Genealogical Data For Belarus Families #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

The August 9, 2002, Weekly Digest >from the Belarus Embassy in Washington DC
contained the following:

Vitebsk region KGB office has presented a personal file on Marc Chagall's
sister to the Museum of the painter. The personal file on Mariaska Chagall
was started by the Temporary Extraordinary Committee (the terms used for
criminal police after the October 1917 revolution in Russia) after she was
employed to work as a post censor in the military. The personal file of
Chagall's younger sister contains some data on the life of the Chagall's in
1920-1921 in Vitebsk.=A0

The files confirmed some well-known facts of the painter=B9s life and reveale=
some new ones. For instance, the file materials made it possible to
determine the exact dates of birth of the father of Marc Chagall and that
his father was married twice, to two sisters consequently (according to
Jewish tradition, after the wife dies the widower would marry her sister).

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