Re: The KLUEGER Family #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

Celia wrote:

Katharina was born on 02 July 1866 in Zilina. Her last known address was Vienna
2, Rembrandtstrasse 6. Katharina was deported on 24 Sept 1942 >from Vienna to
Theresienstadt ..... No further data is available about her place or date of
Dear Celia,

the "Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch: Oesterreichische Juedinnen und Juden
in Theresienstadt 1942-1945", published by "Institut Theresienstaedter
Initiative" and "Dokumentationsarchiv des osterreichischen Widerstandes"
in 2005, has a listing for Katharina:

KLUEGER, Katharina
born 02 July 1866
arrival date in Theresienstadt on 25 Sept 1942 (fits with deportation
date >from Vienna!)
died in Theresienstadt on 19 Nov 1942

Together with Celia I remember Katharina here today.

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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