Toronto convention #belarus

Edward Rosenbaum <erosenbaum@...>

I would like to thank all of our members that attended the just completed
conference in Toronto. The lectures by Oleg Perzashkevich, Miriam Weiner,
and Joel Spector were very informative, and hopefully were of great interest
to all that attended.

Two things that I would like to request...

First... The Belarus SIG is looking for people to write about their
experiences at the conference. We would like to include some articles in
our online newsletter. If you are interested, please send me an email
(erosenbaum@...) with your article.

Second... At the Belarus SIG meeting, several people approached me to
volunteer for various positions (Yizkor book coordinator, bibliography
coordinator, discussion group moderator, district coordinator, Israeli
volunteer to work with the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish
People, etc). If these people could email me, I would appreciate it very

Finally, for those that could not attend, I would like thank some of our
volunteers that have made the last year a success.

- David Fox for 4 years of leadership and dedication to the SIG, often at
the expense of his own personal genealogical research

- Vitaly Charny for his expertise in everything having to do with Belarus

- Irene Kudish and her team of translators for the '13 CD project'
Leon Koll - assistant project coordinator
Gary Dickman, Stanislav Gorbulev, Leonid Guzman, Nina Khanin, Sarah
Tilevitz, Lara Tsinman, Eugene Wiglin, and Matt Yarom

- Fran Bock for recently becoming our newsletter editor

- Joanne Saltman and Paula Zieselman, for the thankless job of being our
newsgroup moderators.

- Jerry Seligsohn for his dedication and countless hours spent at YIVO in
New York, manually coping landsman names >from letterheads, pamphlets, and
ledger books. In the last year, Jerry has collected over 5000 names.

- Ambassador Neville Lamdan for his contributions for the shtetl of
Lachowicze, for archival information for Minsk, and for his work with Leonid
Zeliger on the "Sample Documents" web page.

- And last, but certainly not least, Elsebeth Paikin, for years of dedicated
service as both our newsletter editor, and as a discussion group moderator.

Edward Rosenbaum
Bergenfield, NJ
Webmaster, Belarus SIG (
Webmaster of the AGAD portion of JRI-Poland
President, JGS of Bergen County, New Jersey
email: erosenbaum@...

AARONSON (Russia), BELLER (Slonim, Belarus), BUDNA/BUDNE (Brok and Ostrow
Maz Poland), GRUNDFAST (Belarus), HOFFMAN/OFMAN, (Brok and Ostrow
Mazowiecka Poland), KRIEGEL, MONKA (Przasnysz, Poland), NOVAK (Makow,
Poland), ROSENBAUM (Svezhkovtse and Khmeleva, Galicia), ROSOFF, ROTTENBERG
(Galicia), SHATZ/SHISHATZKY/SZYSZACKI (Lunna and Porozovo, Belarus),

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