Sharkovschinna/Sharkovschizna, Vilna Giberna YISKOR book(s) and Jerry Kliot whereabouts? #belarus


Searching for Jerry Kliot who was translating the
Sharkovshinna/Sharkovschizna Yiskor Book (Note this is in the Disna region of
Belarus now, was considered White Russia and Litvak. Glebokoye/Glebokie is
the largest nearby town and Vilnius/Vilna the closest city to the West of
border with Lithuania and Vitebsk to the North is further.) I last posted a
message to Jewishgen about this in 1996, according to an archive that my
newly found cousin Josie Barnett has dug up and inquired about.....
Could someone tell us where to find the translated yiskor book now and is it
online and where? What became of and where is Jerry Kliot reachable?

Re: CHIDEKEL/CHEDEKEL/ KHIDEKEL of Sharkovshinna/Sharkovschizna and Skuntiki
Others in family >from that area include LEVIN (formerly LURIA - several
rabbinical brothers who changed name), SINGER (rabbinical, also of
Also BERMAN, MUNIC/MUNIK pf Sharkovschinna.
Others as well. Those most relevant.
Other lines: FRANK(rabbinical), BARON (rabbinical), KIRSHNER/KERZNER (et
al.), WOLFBERG/WOLBERG are of Mittau Riga, Latvia, Luoke/Luknik and Vilki and
Kovna in Lithuania.
K. Kirshner
Please contact me with info: kkirshner@...

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