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David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

Valerie Miller Fox wrote:
I am interested in archival material pre- 1900's.
Where do I look?
Valerie and Members of the SIG,

The RTR database is an outstand tool to identify what records are available
for your shtetl. However, there are some other sources that you should also
check and the links can be found on one of our SIG webpages:

One of the links on this page will allow you to get to an official Belarus
government website (in English) and search a partial inventory of archive
records. I look at what was available under Brest uezd in the Grodno branch
of the NHAB and found Jewishe census records for 1795 Fond/inventory
24/7 items 263, 264, 266 - 271, 273, 274, 276. If you look at up Best on
the RTR database you find in the Grodno archive the 1808; 1912-1916 census
in Fond/Opis/Delo: 2/2/69; 492/1/108-109, 189-191; 492/3/90-94. If you look
at, you will see that
the 1897 census for Brest uezd shtetls can be found in fond 100, opis 1,
delo 66 through 109 of the Grodno branch of the NHAB.

The point I am trying to make is that you must look in more then one source.
In the above example there are three different inventories of archival
holdings and each of them has records listed that the other don't.

David Fox
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