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Joyce Weaver <joyweave@...>

The existence of this census is very exciting to me as my grandparents left Wisoke-Litovsk
in Brest uezd in 1900-1902. However, I have no clue as to how to get the information
contained in it. Is there someone or some organization doing look-ups in the 1897
census? Knowing that it exists is only a first step if we can't access the information it

Joy Weaver

"David M. Fox" wrote:

If you look at, you

will see that the 1897 census for Brest uezd shtetls can be found in fond
100, opis 1, delo 66 through 109 of the Grodno branch of the NHAB. This
inventory was done by Dimytri Panov and indicates the existence of the 1897
Russian census for portions of what was Grodno gubernia in 1897.
POLAND (Krasnik, Zaklikow, Lublin): Blumberg, Fogiel, Rozenel./
BELARUS (Wisoke-Litovsk, Brest, Grodno): Feinberg, Vilner, Greenberg, Petruskitz, Deibach.

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