Eva WOTTI{T}Z from Strakonice, Bohemia arrives in NY, 1870 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Following my original posting on searching the ships' manifests, I have
searched for other place names including Strakonice, Bohemia. Not surprisingly,
there are entries, but they are hard to find.

And here is a find relevant to our SIG but totally garbled: Name: Eva Wolitz
Arrival Date: 30 Jul 1870; Estimated birth year: abt 1848 Age: 22 Gender:
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Destination: New York Place of Origin: Strakowitz
Ship Name: Union Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 16
Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_332
List Number: 728 Port Arrival State: New York

The late Eugen Stein, a genealogist >from Prague has studied the WOTTITZ family
of Strakonitz for a descendant in Baltimore, US and has gone back to the
seventeenth century starting with Salomon Levi WOTTITZ who was born abt. 1674
Members of this family did indeed travelled to the US quite early on.

I think Eva WOTTITZ [dob Dec 15 1846], who travelled to NY alone is the
daughter of Baruch WOTTITZ and Sara Kraus [Podmokl/Podmokly/Bodmu{c}kl -
Pilsner kreis ] who lived in house 78 Strakonice. I can see quite a few KRAUS
families in the Pilsner kreis in 1793, but they did not live in Podmukl. But
what happened to Eva after that? Did she join her cousins somewhere in the

Strakonitz/Strakonice appears in the ships' manifests as: Strakowitz;
Strakovie, Strakowetr, Bohemia

re the wild card searches for Bohemia and Moravia using Boh* and Mor*
recommended by Dan Breslau a few days ago - yes I agree, but I have found by
trial and error that one can often pick up more data by *not* using wild card
searches. I use these at the beginning for an umbrella search, but then I
refine my searches to try and understand what is going on in the indexing

BTW "Austria" also turns up as "Aut" and Czechoslovakia as many variants: try
Cec* in place of origin - also try Tse* and you will find place of origin:
tsech slov and variants!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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