Cong Ahavath Achim Anshei Mohilev on Dneipr #belarus


Almost having completed my research into Belarus landsmanshaften I have as yet failed to find materials on the Mohilev Congregation in the YIVO Archives. Succeeding in helping many people to locate their antecedents in my name gathering work on Belarus shtetl based landsmanshaften the organization which was responsible for the burial of my father's parents I could not help to find materials in my grandparents' group.
I therefore carefully prepared a trip to the Baron Hirsch Cemetery on Staten Island armed with my digital camera. The Mogilev plot was overgrown with invasive plants many of which I am sure were injurious to the touch and continued their harm by adhering to clothing. It was inadvisable to clear away tombstones so as to take a complete photographic survey. I estimate that I could only manage about 20% of the stones in the plot.
The following are the names recorded on tombstones which I was able to photograph. For those of you who can identify relatives I will send a copy to you via photo e-mail.
Charles and Jacob Raskin, Eva and Morris Topkin, Solomon and Yetta Mofshin, Jacob Paris, Golda Jaffe, Esther Rabe, Rose Bernstein, Minnie and David River, Mary and Nathan Israelefsky, Louis Polakoff, Clara and Simeon Simons, Samuel and Rose Solotkin, Morris Wichnin, Eli Rizack, Abraham and Sarah Levine, Sadie and Nathan Lubman, Fival Posner, Isaac Bassen, and my father's parents, Abraham and Fannie Seligsohn whose pictures were taken five years ago and could not be located at the time of this search.

Jerome Seligsohn
SELIGSOHN and ELKIN of Mogilev/Dnepr

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