WOTTITZ in Beraun Kreis too #austria-czech

Paul King <samorai@...>

Celia Male's posting of 30 November in regard to Wottitz family and
Strakonice gives a Pilsener District setting for Eva's ancestors. I wonder
whether the 1793 census for Prachiner Kreis giving Napthali Wotitz and wife
Eva is not an equally good candidate for Eva Wottitiz (dob 1846). There are
3 sons given at this time for this Wotitz family making for a healthy
fertility probability of a granddaughter or great-granddaughter Eva in 1846.
Moreover, they live in Herrschaft Strakonitz and there is a head of
household, Jakob Kraus, on the same estate.

As an aside query, the Wottitz family in 1793 have a daughter Johanna whose
status is described as a 'gefallene Person' with a son, Abraham. Can this be
translated roughly as "a wayward person'?, i.e., morally lapsed? Or does it
connect with liability for paying taxes because she has a son? See pp.
113-114 of 1793 census for Prachenksy-Berounsky-Taborsky Kraj, Prague, 2003.

Paul King

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