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Yad Vashem does indeed contain many treasures of interest to family
historians. However, the verdicts of German war crimes trials are all being
collated & published. The web site
contains various indices of the publications, including a locality index.

There are now indications that translations into English are underway, so it
would pay to check with the contact e-mail before one undertakes a
translations of a verdict. I suspect, though am not sure, that many of the
cases with high local interest have not yet been translated, because it
would make sense to start with the major cases of broader interest to
historians in general, which a case centered in a place like Lida would not

The series of volumes is titled "Justiz und NS-Verbrechen". A few of the
major libraries in the US have it; go to your nearest large library and ask
for an OCLC [aka WorldCat] or RLIN search to see if there's one in your
area. Unless you're near the large east & west coast cities or a Holocaust
Museum with a large collection, chances are there isn't one near you. I
don't know the circulation status of this work - it may be reference
material & not loaned out.

However, there is also a CD with the verdicts to 1999 on it. Below is the
bibiographic entry in "Verzeichnis liefbarer Buecher" [the German Books in
Print] for the CD.

Justiz und NS-Verbrechen / Nazi Crimes on Trial
Sammlung deutscher Strafurteile wegen nationalsozialistischer
Tötungsverbrechen 1945-1999 / The German Judgements on Nazi Capital
Crimes 1945-1999
Hrsg. und bearbeitet von Rüfer, C F / Mildt, C W de.
Redaktion: Bracher, Karl D / Brilman, P M / Dünk, H W von der /
Jeschedt, Hans H /
Rüter, C F / Dressen, Willi
(Saur, K G /SVK) ;

Redaktion: Bracher, Karl D / Brilman, P M / Dunk, H W von der
/ Jescheck, Hans H / Rüter C F / Dressen, Willi
(Saur, K G /SVK) ISBN 3-598-23814-2; ;
235,00 Eur-D / 241,60 Eur-A (unverb. Preisempfehlung);
235,00 Eur-D

I have no financial interest etc. in this work or the company.

The price is within the range of a SIG. When I translated the
Windisch-Werner indictment, the Zentrale Stelle still had control of the
original material. Since then, their archives have been turned over to the
Bundesarchiv, which is quick to refer you to this collection if you ask for
material. You can tell them this isn't readily available & they will then
copy material for you, at page charges on the order of 50 cents to $1. The
material is often sufficiently voluminous that the CD becomes attractive.

I have no experience with getting copyright permission for a translation
from the CD. I had no problems getting permission >from the Zentrale Stelle
at the time I did this work.

If a case did not go to trial, it will not be in this work. The
Bundesarchiv, however, should have some material submitted toward the
dismissal of the case. These materials are held at their original site, not
the standard Bundesarchiv mail address. Correspondence regarding cases
should be sent to:

Aussenstelle Ludwigsburg
Postfach 1144
71611 Ludwigsburg

I'm sure they can handle English correspondence, though I never put them to
the test.

Please do not ask me to translate material that's not closely related to
Lida & the Lida area. The translations I've already done have not been good
for my mental health.

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI

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