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Paul King wrote: Celia Male's posting of 30 November in regard to WOTTITZ
family and Strakonice gives a Pilsener District setting for Eva's ancestors. I
wonder whether the 1793 census for Prachiner Kreis giving Napthali WOTITZ and
wife Eva is not an equally good candidate for Eva [dob 1846). There are 3 sons
given ...... making a ... probability of a granddaughter or great-granddaughter
Eva in 1846. Moreover, they live in Herrschaft Strakonitz and there is a head
of household, Jakob Kraus, on the same estate."

What I wrote was: "I think Eva WOTTITZ [dob 15. Dec 1846], who travelled to NY
alone is the daughter of Baruch WOTTITZ and Sara Kraus [Podmokl/Podmokly/
Bodmu{c}kl - Pilsner kreis] who lived in house 78 Strakonice - ie the maternal
Kraus line came >from the Pilsner kreis, *not* the WOTTITZ family.

I have done a lot more work on this now and can confirm that Eva, our emigrant
of 1870, was the daughter of Baruch WOTTITZ and Sara KRAUSKOPF >from Podmockl
[sorry I wrote Kraus in error!]. In the 1793 census there is one KRAUSKOPF
family in the Pilsner kreis, Vol IV p 159 and another listed in Gut Podmokl,
Prachiner kreis [Vol III p 105].

Baruch was the the grandson of Napthali WOTTITZ and wife Eva as found in the
1793 census {Vol III, p. 111]. Baruch's father was Michael [see iv below - a
butcher, cattle merchant and Hebrew poet*] who at the time of the census in
1793 was not yet married and listed as erstgeborener Sohn, Michl,ledig:

1. Herschl Nephthali Levi WOTTITZ ( father Salomon Levi) was born 1715 in
Strakonice Bezdekov, and died December 6, 1802. He married Eva RUDOLF 1740.
She was born in Sedlitz [Sedlek] nr Pisek, and died 1792 in Strakonice.

Children of the couple were:
1. Rosl/Resl/Renna b. Strakonice; d. Prague ?.
ii. Johanna - with illegitimate son Abraham [ie: gefallene - a fallen woman].
iii. Nanni b. Bet. 1750 - 1760, House IV, Strakonice; d. January 3, 1818, House
IV, Strakonice.
iv. Michael b. 1765; d. Oct or Dec 24, 1839. [first born] - see footnote
v. Abraham b. 1767; d. August 5, 1826.[2nd born]
vi. Lazar Levy b. 1770; d. December 3, 1838, House No 95, Strakonice [3rd

Reverting to iv. Michael WOTTITZ: He married Anna/Heindl ROUBITSCHKIN/
ROBITZKY/aka RUBICKY or FIALIN on 12 Dec 1794 in Trebenice. She was born abt.
1765 in Zvestov, nr Votice, and died October 29, 1835 in Bezdekov, Strakonice.
The couple had six children - one was Baruch, father of Eva who emigrated to

And since my first posting I have found all Baruch's five children emigrating
to NY - all mistranscribed on the ships manifests as "Wolitz". Why the three
young sisters travelled alone first [10 Sept 1868 Ship: Allemannia] followed by
Eva [30 July 1870 Ship: Union ] and finally by their brother Marcus [29 June
1872 Ship: Main] remains a bit of a mystery but I believe I may have hit upon
the reason, which I will discuss later. I suspect their parents had died by the
time they left Bohemia. On the first journey [1868] you can also see Francisca
LOWITH; aged 18 who I suspect is a cousin of the three sisters.

I only found these emigration details when I fiddled around with variants of
Strakonice in the search fields and found Eva listed as Wolitz, thereby solving
a long-standing mystery. We knew this Bohemian family had gone to the USA
early, but no-one had the facts.

Celia Male [U.K.]

* According to his grandson, Emanuel WODIC {aka Emanu El Wodic Ha-Levy}, his
grandfather Michael was a Hebrew poet, who scribed "The Reckoning of the Omer"
used in orthodox synagogues. This was apparently presented by Emanuel to
Congregation Beth El in Detroit, Michigan. How Emanuel had possession of this
scroll is not known. In addition, according to Emanuel, he saw some of his
grandfather's poetry framed and hung up in the erstwhile synagogue at
Strakonitz. [Unfortunately, I have no further details about this, so cannot
answer questions, Celia]

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