Re: Town Monkolin' near Budzanow? (near Plock) #general

Alexander Sharon

"Jane Peppler" wrote:

We have succeeded in location the birth certificate of Tratel
FINKELSTEIN, son of Israel and Tirtsa [LEDERBAUM] Finkelstein, in 1881
in the town of Monkolin' near Bodzanow. I do not find this town in
shtetl seeker, has anybody heard of it?


"Monkolin" in Polish is written as Ma,kolin. The 'secret' of the confusion
is hidden in the letter 'a' with the attached to it 'tail' ('ogonek' in
Polish). This diacritic mark pronounces 'a,' as 'on' or sometimes 'om'.

A typical for example would be pronunciation of town Da,browa which is
known in the Jewish genealogical circles a Dombrowa and region where
Da,browa is located is Zaglebie ('e' with the 'tail') known as Zaglembie.

Makolin, coordinates 5230 2001 is about 2 miles distance away >from Bodzanow.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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