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Hello, Genners--
I have been searching for (1) where in the Russian Empire my
grandfather might have come >from and (2) when he might have arrived in
Liverpool. Born in 1882 in what was called "Malastofki in the province
of Molov" on his British naturalization papers to a family consisting of
parents calling themselves Lewis/Louis and Annie/Feiga MOSS by the time
they got to Liverpool, my grandfather Abraham MOSS also had siblings
named Solomon (b. 1885), Masha, and Rose.
THE SHTETL FINDER GAZETTEER reports on what may have been Abraham
Moss's birthplace: "Malistovska, Krasnapoli. Krasnapole, n. of Mohilev.
Located close to Mohilev, 1902- Mordecai Shlomo Movshovitch, born 1862,
was appointed rabbi here, after 10 years in Zuravitz, Mohilev province.
Birthplace of Yitzschak Bunin, born 1882, who moved to the US in 1923 and
was a rabbi." I have been singularly unsuccessful in locating any
additional information about this shtetl under any of its alternative
names and spellings. Is anybody else familiar with it? Can anyone
suggest a way to find out more about it?
To further complicate the picture, the two brothers, Abraham and
Solomon, differed on what they reported to 1920 US Census takers in
Chicago about their parents' birthplaces. Abraham said that both of his
parents were born in Russia; his brother said they were born in Rumania.
Why might the brothers have had a different idea of where their parents
had been born??
The first firm date I have for the family's appearance in Liverpool
was the date of my grandfather's marriage to Sophie DANKER there in March
1907. Family legend says that Abraham seemed like good husband material
to the matchmaker who arranged this marriage, as he was doing well at
running his own shoemaking business. His business success suggests that
he had been in Liverpool for at least a couple of years before the 1907
marriage. I have been unsuccessful in finding any likely MOSS family
members in Liverpool in the 1901 UK Census, in spite of having searched a
variety of other spellings of the name (Moskowitz, Moskovitch, etc.,
etc.). used wild cards, first names, etc., etc. Can anyone recommend any
other source of information that I should be checking that might help me
establish the date of this family's arrival in Liverpool?
Thanks in advance,
Laura Moss Gottlieb
Madison, Wisconsin

DANKER: Latvia, Liverpool, Chicago
FREEDKIN, FRETKEN: Russia, Liverpool, Chicago
MOSS: Russia/Romania, Liverpool, Chicago

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