Help! Oshmiany Cemetery Grave Stones #belarus


Franklin Swartz of the Eastern European Jewish History Project recently
visited the Oshmiany Cemetery at my request, and took some absolutely
startling pictures. I just saw some of the photos >from the cemetery.
Certain of my family tombstones are supposed to be visible but we cannot
seem to find the correct row and stone of our RABINOWITZ, KARCHMER,
MILNER, and possibly DAVIDSON ancestors.

Scott NOAR visited Oshmiany several years ago and took some similar
pictures, with a "key" to the names on certain rows and stones.

Can someone help me find Scott's correct email and mailing address?
It may have changed recently.

This may be of interest to others on LitvakSIG with relatives who lived in
or near the town of Oshmiany. The cemetery has probably 200-400 stones
that are still in their original positions, although the inscriptions may
be obscured.

Please respond privately if this is of interest to you; perhaps we can work together to restore the cemetery and its memorials to our relatives.

Cliff Karchmer
Rabinowitz Family Historian

Searching: Rabinowitz, Karchmer, Milner, Davidson, >from
Vilna, Alytus, Svencionys, Lipnishki, Vishnevo,
and Oshmiany

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