CAHJP is closed cause it is moving #belarus

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

For those of you interested in following up Dave's suggestion, first check
by phone. They are in the process of moving >from the Givat Ram campus to
some place in town (Jerusalem).

I hope they will have more space for people to do research. Their former
quarters were very cramped.

from my experience of looking for materials there, you need to take someone
with you who reads the language (the language depends on which period you
are looking at), cause they don't have staff available to help with that.
The same goes for much of their catalogue - atleast >from my experience.

At the moment I am finishing translating a listing of towns and their "Box
Taxes and Candle Taxes" >from 1883 for Podolia (yes I know that is in the
Ukraine). It is interesting cause it gives the number of males in each
community for deciding the rate of the taxes.

Rose Feldman
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