Prague trip - advice #austria-czech


We are planning a family trip to Prague in mid-June. I've been going through
the archives but would still appreciate advice and recommendations by
AustriaCzech SIG members who have already done the trip. We're going to have
limited time and plan to visit the Jewish Museum, the synagogues, and hopefully
visit Metylovice, where my husband's gf was born. Would appreciate advice on
hotels/flats, restaurants and highlights of your trip(s) and guides.
Have also e-mailed the museum directly but have not heard back.
Please respond directly to me.
Thank you and Happy Hanukkah,
Desiree Gil
Boston, MA
Researching: GELLER, SCHANZER - Metylovice/Prague, Czech and
Krakow/Oswiecim/Rabka, Poland.

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