Re: Transliteration #belarus

Andrew Blumberg <ajb61@...>


Take a look at This free site provides an
on-screen key board that lets you type the Cyrillic letters.
Alternatively you can cut Cyrillic text >from another source and paste
into the translation window.


Andrew Blumberg
Searching BLUMBERG: Bielsk Podlaski, Grodno Gubernia, Poland; EDELSTEIN
/ ADELSTEIN: in or near Bessarabia; EIDUS / EIDUSS / AIDUS / AIDUSS /
ADUS / EDUS: Dvinsk & Riga, Latvia; GOLDMAN: Kolki, Ukraine; GERMAN /
GURMAN: Bessarabia; GILMAN: Ukraine (Kolki); KAPLAN: Bielsk Podlaski,
Grodno Gubernia, Poland; KAPLAN: Kolki, Ukraine; LASKOWITZ: near
Vilnius, Lithuania; RICHMAN: Radomyshl, Ukraine; RITZ/RITS: Drissa &

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