Vorotnya #belarus

Scott D. Seligman <heyscott@...>

A researcher who is helping me in Minsk has been consulting Reviskaya
Skaza (Revision Lists) >from the Bobruisk district, and has come on
several of my collateral ancestors who started out in the shtetl of
Parichi and then "transferred to landowners of Vorotnya settlement in
1837." Some of these folks then went on to move >from Vorotnya to
Shchedrin "to the land of Orsha merchant Shneerson."

Parichi and Shchedrin at shtetlach near Bobruisk and exist today. But
I'm stumped by Vorotnya. Does anyone know about it? Or, for that matter,
the history of Shchedrin?

Many thanks.

Scott Seligman

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