Bobruisk Interest Group (BIG)now part of Belarus SIG #belarus

Nancy Holden

The Belarus Sig has adopted a growing offspring. A wonderful rich
complex interesting creation. All ours now. Even changed the name from
the Bobruisk Interest Group, the "BIG", to the Belarus SIG. No B.S.

The Belarus SIG is the proud new parent of a wonderful group who is
bringing a great deal of research and enthusiasm to a proud new parent.

The "BIG" retains it's identity even while adopting a new name...renewed
in spirit and strength at
...Now in "preview" awaiting updates and changes and your submissions...
Identity was never the issue. Even now it grows strong...initializing a
new push to recreate the shtetlach of Bobruisk District and Bobruisk
City: A Yizkor to our ancestors and a "pinkes" for the future.

Come and be part of us as we become part of you.

If you were once part of the "BIG" or have roots in Bobruisk and would
like to contribute your stories, your pictures...your documents...or
volunteer to help with translations or typing of the records that the
"BIG" purchased, please contact me.

Let there be no Jewish orphans in Belarus and no shtetlach forgotten.

Nancy Holden
Project Coordinator Belarus SIG
Temporary webmaster Bobruisk Shtetlinks site.

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