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Alexander Sharon

"Jenny Schwartzberg" wrote in message
Dear Genners

I just found on a passenger manifest for two relatives, >from Feb.
1907, that they were born in Skawtian, Russia. The manifest is quite
clear. I never heard of Skawtian and I have no other clues for this
distant branch of my extended family. I checked ShtetlSeeker and it came
up with Skovyatin in the Ukraine at 48 44 26 02. This appears to be in
the Ternopil uzed.
My question is if anyone remembers any other Skawtian or agrees
that it is indeed Skovyatin. I'd also like to know for sure what uzed
and gubernia Skovyatin was in. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Yours cordially,
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

Skovyatin (Polish: Skowiatyn), district Borszczow in Tarnopol region was
part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Place is located close to the old Russia
(Podolia region) - Austria border, but nevertheless it was in Austria, not

There are too other candidates, both located in Russia proper:

a) Skovyatino at 5848 3723, near Cherepovets, and
b) Skubyatino at 5519 3104 near Belarussian border

I believe that the second locality, situated only 15 miles >from the known
Jewish town Surazh (Surazh-Vitebskiy) in the Vitebsk region is the correct

"Uzed" is a corrupted word for the old Russian district - it should read:
uyezd [ooh yeh zd]

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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