Trying to get lucky #general

Errol Schneegurt

In the latest Galitzaianer I read an article written by William F. "Fred"
Hoffman titled Slownik Nazwisk Is Online. What it is, is a searchable data
base of Polish surnames and their concentration by Provence back in 1990.
I was able to find some of the surnames that I am researching. In one
sense I am lucky because the surnames I am interested in are not at all
that common and as such do not appear in many of the provinces.
I would ask if anyone out there has access to any directory that would
enable me to get the address of the persons below I would be grateful.

Sznegurt Provence (number) --- Warsaw (1) Jelenia Gora (2)
Schneigert Elblag (1) Noway Sacz (1)
Brater Wroclaw (1)
Jarslawow Warsaw (2) Szczecin (8)
Eisig Krakow (1)
Eisiak Lodz (1)
Eizik Przemysl (1)
Finell Szczecin (4)

The first two are of most interest to me. They may represent my fathers
half brother that I have been searching for, for the past 8 years.
Please respond to me directly at eslviv@...
Errol Schneegurt LI NY

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